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this is a picturea guy sent us i hope you enjoy it ill make one too



Hello and welcome to my website i hope you enjoy everything here if you do dont forget to tell your freind about it there is many things you can do her like look at different thing such as pictures different types of games coming up in the future there is also going to be a page made soon full of episde listings and other fact before you leave dont forget to go to joeys page it is really kewl bye gotta go bye!!!!!!!!:)

yugioh rules i think


welcome to my Yu-Gi-Oh website i just started it and i will be working on it now go and explore my website for new adventures.:)


Master toy licensee Mattel will be shipping its first Yu-Gi-Oh! products in April. Take a look at these sneak peeks of the Blue Eyes White Dragon and Yami Yugi action figures


hello do you like yugioh well your at the right place i may have just started this but im good! i will be uploading pictures video clips and other kewl just give me a few days thank and bye!:)

Author of YU-GI-OH!

Kazuki Takahashi was born on October 4, 1961 in Tokyo.

The creator of YU-GI-OH! became passionate about drawing comics in his teens, and made his debut in Japan's best-selling weekly comic magazine, Shonen Jump, in 1991. After taking some time to recharge his artistic energy, he began drawing the comics series YU-GI-OH! in 1996. The animated version of YU-GI-OH! debuted in 2000 and became an immediate hit, spawning a mania that included video games, animation, and a card game, all of which boasted record sales. 23 million comics have been sold thus far.

YU-GI-OH!'s appeal has spread across every facet of the media, and Kazuki Takahashi is now known as one of Japan's foremost comic artists.



hello this is harpy lady sisters there pretty kewl you have to have harpies lady and YU-GI-OH! ON EVERY WEEKDAY AT 3:30PM ET!

Yu-Gi-Oh! on Kids'WB! Monday through Friday at 3:30pm ET starting April 1. The hit TV show expands to 6 days a week when it begins airing on the Monday-Friday afternoon lineup, in addition to its regular Saturday morning time period.

Missed some of the action so far? Don't worry. Now you can catch Yu-Gi-Oh! and all his friends every weekday AND on Saturday mornings. Don't miss out on the excitement!


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